Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Style Baby

Ella Alexander
11 April 2011

DOLCE AND GABBANA admit that Justin Bieber is perhaps a little young to be labelled a style icon just yet.
"It might be slightly premature to talk about him as a style icon, but it's impossible to deny that he's a model for his peers," says Domenico Dolce. "Every age and every generation has its icons after all."
"We like him a lot, although he's very young," adds Stefano Gabbana. "He's very attentive towards style and he takes care of his look."
The designer duo hosted a party in honour of the teen star this weekend in Milan's Gold restaurant, and it looks as if the celebrations only cemented the designers' love for the singer.
"We are very happy of Justin Bieber's success because he is the symbol of a new kind of popularity: he started with You Tube, he got himself noticed by a production company that helped him to reach all the success he enjoys now," the pair explains. "It's enough to think that he started from scratch, and he presented the Grammy Awards in after just three years! Once again, new technologies contributed in discovering an extraordinary talent."

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