Friday, 25 May 2012

Little bit of Kyla

My new obsession at the moment is the striking Kyla La Grange who is actually part South-African and part Zimbabwean and was born in London. 

I can’t stop listening to this unique artist. It is difficult to pin a single genre to Kyla La Grange’s music. When performing acoustically, Kyla is commonly seen as British folk like artists such as Daughter, who I have previously spoken about, but when she performs with a full band her music becomes something more than Folk Rock.

Her songs may not always be happy, but they are incredibly powerful, stirring stuff nonetheless. Whatever dark muse inspires her to write from such a sorrowful perspective, the end product is something beautiful.

Vampire Smile

Been Better

Heavy Stone


Thursday, 24 May 2012

Trip to Amsterdam

I just got back from an incredible trip to Amsterdam with my boyfriend. There are so many things about this city that intrigued me but the architecture is just mind-blowing. I didn’t really care too much about the tourist-packed coffee shops, and to be honest, the sight of the prostitutes, some of whom looked disturbingly, only kept me amused for a few minutes. But I couldn’t take my eyes, or my camera, off the architecture, the row after row of elegant, elongated, perfectly preserved buildings, each a different height and a slightly different shade out of a harmonious colour palate of warm, earthy pastels.

When I arrived to the apartment, I notice how all the windows were large and beautifully proportioned, which flood the living space with light.

For a city whose main advertising power seems to lie with legalised drugs and half naked women behind windows, I never thought it would be so rewarding to simply nose around its streets.

When roaming the streets, I began to fall in love with the canals. There is something very soothing about being constantly surrounded by water, and about the sunlight reflected by it during the day and the street lights by night.

Justin and I did incredibly well on the shopping side of things. The awesome thing about Amsterdam is that they have the expensive pretentious international brands but ‘normal’ shops are plentiful, creative in their collections and terribly affordable. Also, everyone speaks fantastic English, so there is never an awkward moment due to the lack of communication when entering shopper’s heaven.

 Foooood, glorious food. We went to the Albert Cuyp market one day, which consists of fatty fabulous food, cheap clothing and random bits and pieces.

First fresh STROOPWAFEL!! Death!

Amsterdam is a beautiful city and everyone there is friendly and accommodating.  In the few days I stayed there, I came across numerous acts of civility and kindness, a feature I have long given up on experiencing.

Justin enjoying a beer...

Me, trying a beer...

Hating every moment :/

 Chilling on the patio at the apartment

I completely fell in love with Amsterdam


Friday, 4 May 2012


Craving you

Folk Friday

I came across Five Mile Town. They are a folk group from New Zealand that have been rising from the dust and into the spotlight of internet stardom. The song itself reminds me almost of a folky The Kooks but I think that’s just the vocals. I really dig the banjo and the stand up bass. The boys are pretty cute too!!!

Take a listen... 


Falling in love with Amsterdam

I am off to Amsterdam in a week. I wish I could express the excitement that is rushing through my body at this exact moment. The idea of spending a few days in the city where you can buy the world’s most flavoured cheese, and shop to your heart’s desire with the person you love, sounds beyond imaginable. They say that the best time to visit Amsterdam is during spring – a season for the tulip hunters. The beauty will be overwhelming.

Upon arrival in Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, which is the biggest in the Netherlands and one of the most modern in the world, I shall be running into my boyfriend’s arms. I haven’t seen him for a long time.

I have never been to Amsterdam but I am incredibly eager to see this beautiful city.
With the museums, historical architecture, canals, nightlife and restaurant scene, the Dutch capital holds unlimited appeal.

The countdown has begun…