Friday, 30 March 2012

Cider Sky

Friday in my face, finally. This has been one hectic week, and what better way to end it off with an amazing track by a band called Cider Sky. The ethereal indie/pop duo consist of Canadian singer Simon Wilcox and London-born songwriter Shridhar Solanki. 

This is an absolutely awesome track 

In the whimsical "Northern Lights," Cider Sky sings of an impossible love turned real: "Every time I close my eyes I can touch the colors around me/Suddenly I realize everything I thought was impossible is here/And my heart sings in a world so incredible/And everything burns much brighter."

Hope you all have an amazing weekend  



Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Dancing in the dark...

It’s pretty clear that Jeffrey Campbell is the shoe designer of the blogosphere and the world for that matter and finally South African’s seem to be jumping on the band wagon. His shoes are just that stellar. Jeffrey Campbell specializes in affordable runway and trend interpretations that never look like cheap knock-offs. I have been a massive fan for a long time… and I am heading to Amsterdam soon and will be sure to indulge in a pair. 

There are just so many options and countless ways to wear them. I honestly can’t seem to get enough. 

Most of their shoes are statement pieces and I feel like many of us are slightly intimidated by them. Here are a few of their more “simple” styles which would go with any outfit. 

Some images on Polyvore on how you could wear you JC Shoes

Have a pair of eye-catching shoes, you’re set. But have a pair of Jeffrey Campbell’s in your closet, you’re golden.


Friday, 9 March 2012

Having someone look at you with such a deep emotion is remarkable. Having someone touch with so much care brings a feeling of weightlessness throughout your whole body. Having someone whisper they love you feels like they screamed it. Having someone to hold your hand at all times just feels special. Having someone to be your best friend and be loyal to you and never lie to you feels so safe. Breaking up hurts, but having that someone that you feel so comfortable with, someone that you let inside your soul, someone that lets you inside theirs, someone to talk to at all hours during the day, someone to laugh with, someone to fall asleep with, having someone that is your other half for whatever amount of time you are together, it is true beauty.

Missing you more than ever..

Fanfarlo Friday

Yay, another Friday has come a graced us with its presence. Indie Friday is here. I have chosen one of my favourite Indie bands for today and a band you all need to know. Fanfarlo are an Indie pop band based in London. They fuse elements of folk, indie rock and post-punk using eclectic instrumentation including trumpet, violin and clarinet.

I have really enjoyed their music for the last 3 years or so, and I am very excited to say that I will be seeing them perform in Amsterdam in May with my ever so sweet boyfriend.

Harold T Wilkins

The walls are coming Down

Their music calms my mind and warms my soul. Trademark chiming 80s guitars and glimmering cascades of harmonies are always there, just making me like them even more. perfect for everyday listening and reminiscing about good times...



Friday, 2 March 2012

Indie Friday

People who know me, will know I am a massive Indie fan. I consider myself having pretty eclectic taste in music but indie is definitely top on my list. I have decided to start an Indie Friday post which I will try do every Friday of all my favourite indie songs and bands.

As an Indie lover, the most important aspect of this indie music culture is discovering bands that nobody else knows or likes…yet.

Indie music, and its surrounding culture, can introduce you to beautiful noise, give you a social life, touch your emotions, and take you to a very happy place. Yes...Indie music is kinda like magic in some ways.... 
So, first things first…

Meet “Of Monsters and Men” are a six piece indie/folk/ band from Iceland. Pretty much obsessed with the band at the moment. Take a listen and let me know what you think.
Little Talks

King and Lionheart

P.S I’m seeing Two Door Cinema Club tonight, I can’t contain my excitement. Photo’s to follow…