Wednesday, 11 May 2011

He's about to lose me

You are asked what should be a  rather simple question; “He’s your boyfriend, right?” The response is about as vague as possible. “It’s complicated.”

So here comes the next question “But you guys are together, right?” then comes the response again, “Well, It’s complicated.” Isn’t a relationship question supposed to be one of those “Yes” or “No” type questions?

For all my wisdom, or lack thereof, I am yet to understand what “It’s complicated” is supposed to mean. To make it even more amusing, social networks like Facebook make the stipulation for “It’s Complicated” in the relationship status field – yet, I do not doubt that they too are confused about what that status means. When did “Single” or “Unavailable” become the alternative to something so unclear and vague? I mean really how complicated can a relationship status be and if the status is so complicated dare I ask about the dynamics of the lucky couple.

Life is short and complicated enough without the stamp “It’s Complicated” in your personal life. I am the kind of girl that wouldn’t ask a guy out, so it means I either wait or see what happens and if nothing progresses, I move on.

So, what is it with the generation we are living in today? I’m old school when it comes to relationships and men in general. I miss chivalry, or has it even gone? What about Chivalry? Holding the door for a woman, seating a woman at a table, helping her on with her coat, kissing away her tears, buying her flowers- I could go on for hours, but the bottom line is respect. However, If a man is going to go to all the trouble to ride around on a white steed, shouldn't the women make sure he knows just how wonderful it is to be treated like that? Thus I do believe both parties play a role.

I think half the problem is that people are quiet happy with communication over sms or BBM without picking up the phone to talk or even making the effort to see one anther.

Call me an idealist, but if you like someone, show them and make the effort and hopefully, it all turns out the way we want it to. I am personally sick of wasting time; tip toeing with people and relationships. Relationship's are hard, and everyone comes with baggage, but dont turn away the minute you see something you dont like, unless they psychotic or strange. We all have flaws, learn to accept some, you can't change people but you can try work with them. But also dont put up with rubbish. That amazing movie "He's Just Not That Into You" #justsaying

If the “relationship” is too hard to give a definite answer to- then why waste your time? In my opinion if my mate (or me) said our status was complicated, I personally would “uncomplicate” it by ending it.

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