Friday, 9 September 2011

Going Green...

I woke up this morning, like any other day, only to be bombarded with #RWC2011 tweets and endless jumping springboks on bbm. The country has gone bokke mad and I think it’s absolutely fabulous.

I decided that like the rest of the country I needed to contribute to this exciting day, as rugby is one of our strong points, so there is no excuse not to be excited about this whole scenario.

Getting out of bed and stumbling, half asleep, I opened my cupboard in desperation for some green. Do you think I own ANY green? No, seriously, no! So I decided to wear a pretty stripped blue and white dress from little forever new instead but I am rocking a gold leopard print ring, so there is my gold for the day.

I was feeling slightly guilty I wasn’t wearing any green and then my brother walked into my room. He attempted to wear a naffy rugby top my mother had brought him about 10 years ago, aside from the fact it was probably 5 sizes to big for him- not sure what my mother was thinking, but honestly, he looked like an idiot, and without me saying a word, he changed. So, the Greenleaf family failed immensely today but actually, my surname says it all. Haha!

I think we shall all be a little patriotic; I miss those days during the Soccer World Cup so I am on a mission to find nice Springbok gear as I don’t want to look unsightly nor do I want to look like an insincere South African.

Here is a little Bokke Tribute in fashion… it shouldn’t be so hard to wear GREEN!



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