Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Smile... YES!

There are little times when one can detach themselves from their problems, worries and sorrows. These negatives things seem to fill out our minds more than positive things and even though the world out there is screaming that life is beautiful, that we have to smile and move on, saying it is easy but doing it is another deal.

It’s said that we control what we feel and think, that everything comes from the inside; there is nothing outside that influences us unless we allow it. The truth is that it does influences us and a lot, since sometimes we really want to be on, we want to laugh, jump and be spontaneous but right at that moment there is something that screws up plans. There are days that look like they were going to be good, there are reasons to feel happy, but then something happens immediately that the minimum happiness inkling trying to sneak out at the end just return to its cave.

There are days when I wake up feeling a bit different, I am kind of relaxed and take things with a pinch of humour. I feel certain inner peace and my mind, which is always going crazy and never rest, is at ease driving away anything that might disturb it. But, there is always a but, something happens, something negative that wipes out at once the positive intention of feeling ok: it could be that ONE guy you really like who says something wrong, or someone you disappoint.

There are things that might make us smile, yes, but that smile disappears in seconds and leaves the empty space hard to fill out. Sometimes I see something in TV that makes me smile, which means that I am disconnected from everything at that moment and just enjoy what I am seeing. That’s why it’s good to get our minds busy with something, whatever it is, to keep away the sort of stuff that kills the smile willing. Television, a magazine, go for a walk, something to do, because a smile can be provoked for the smallest thing, even if it doesn’t last that much, but it’s better than nothing.

Smiling is relaxing, but it’s not always easy to smile, since it’s not always easy to keep sorrows out of our minds. Sometimes those are so powerful and take control on everything. That’s why every time I am told “you have to relax” it gets on my nerves, since who says that telling “you have to relax” I am going to give an order to my body and mind, and one, two, three, I am relaxed, who says that is so simple. I wish it were like that.


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