Thursday, 17 November 2011

Wild Side

Seems to me that my obsession with leopard print is spreading at a rapid rate. Today in the office, the 3 blondes are rocking some leopard print.

Gabbalicious rocking lovely leopard pants from FOREVER NEW :)

Gee looking model perfect with this wild tee

Jash in the OMG shirt from Cotton On.... #dig


Yesterday I was shopping in Cotton On, one of the stores in the new Sandton section.  They have SO MUCH leopard print it’s madness. I walked in, picked up every leopard item in the store and quiet frankly, had people looking at me like I was a character from Jersey Shore. Then, proceeded to the counter to pay for my fabulous new gear and whipped out my even more fabulous leopard print wallet. The cashier was horrified.

Later that evening I decided to wear one of the new leopard dresses I had brought with some cute wedges and a long necklace. I was incredibly proud of my get up, only to walk into the cocktail bar to find my best friend wearing the EXACT same dress…

Awkward Much???

Blonde vs. Brunette...


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