Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Howdy lover boy

If you watch enough romantic comedies or read enough Cosmo, you’ll be led to believe that women are either:
A) Unlovable Lepers
B) Whiny, needy and useless
C) Waiting on a man to save them

Well you know what I say to that; BULLOCKS! For every love starved story bound female character, there is a kick ass lady who understands that love is grand but it doesn’t make or break her.

Contrary to lifetime movies, dating can actually be approached from a place of intelligence and fun and doesn’t have to be a mad dash to the altar. However the “rules” of the dating game so often leave us lasses on the sideline waiting for the ever-elusive “one”. So where are all dating “rules” for women who’d rather harness their own power than wait for a relationship to give it to them?

Here are my dating "tips" for smart girls who could care less about dating rules :P

1.     Trust your instincts & always follow your heart
2.     If he’s not dating you, he’s not sleeping with you….
3.     Unless of course you want to sleep with him…then do you boo!
4.     Being single is not the end of the world: it’s the most liberating time when you can do what you want, answer to no one and fall in love with yourself!
5.     Sometimes sex is just sex; break it to him gently
6.     A smile is the best introduction
7.     We’re independent, pay our own bills, change our tyres and still want to be held; vulnerability makes you strong
8.     Liking a guy is no excuse to act bat shit crazy… be chilled, be cool
9.     Liquor & true emotion don’t mix… trust me on this one I know
10.Your Prince Charming does exist; but you don’t have to be Sleeping Beauty waiting for him to rescue you
11.Everything you need to know about him, will reveal itself
12.Girls just wanna have fun is more than a song; it’s a way of life
13.Respect is the minimum, disrespect is where to draw the line
14.Femininity is our gift; use it wisely
15.Don’t settle for less than butterflies— but you already knew that!
16.Avoid two things in life: cheap shoes and cheap men
17.Confidence is Sexy; Independence is even sexier
18.Being a size 0 won’t make him like you and if it does… he’s a dick!
19.A woman will have multiple great loves in her life and each one should make her a better woman
20.No man is perfect and neither are you! Get over yourself!
21.Men who write dating books for women have a special place in hell— Steve Harvey!
22.Paying for dinner and opening doors aren’t reserved for men, they’re reserved for people with manners
23.Relationships are hard work; know this and fall in love anyway
24.Speaking your mind won’t scare off the right guy, it will make him fall more
25.You can only control one thing in a relationship: yourself
26.Having a career, hobbies and a life are all fundamentals
27.There’s so much excitement in getting to know someone… take your time
28.Dating your self is great practice and teaches others how to love you
29.The antidote to desperation is self-confidence.
30.At the end of the day, be honest about how you feel and walk away. If he’s the one he’ll run to catch you


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