Thursday, 5 May 2011

Fashion Intern

You'd be crazy to say that any job was absolutely perfect. Clearly, all jobs, especially internships, have their perks as well as their not so fun aspects.

I started working this year at a fashion PR firm, it is a 6 month internship! The office consists of five gorgeous ladies, one being the super cool, super loud and fabulous boss, and the two interns, me and an aspiring stylist called Amy.

Like many other industries but especially fashion, the turnover rate is also very high. It’s all about who you know. I am a little tadpole in a pond, infact scrap the pond, the damn ocean. I am constantly meeting new people such as local celebrities, designers and stylist and taking mental photographs of everyone! Even started a twitter account to make sure I was aware of what was happenning, it has now turned into my random, rather bizarre thoughts.

In an industry dominated by women and gay men, it is a pretty bitchy business. Fortunately for me, my office is unusually friendly and the girls are all very nice and fun to hang out with. They talk about food, diets, relationships, where to go shopping and the latest gossip- girl talk! I see why I get excited to come into work.

My Boss and I the week of easter! She attacked me with those white easter eggs!

 Fashion internship’s are a great way to learnmore about the industry. When I first started I was slightly aprehensive about the whole thing. When I arrived I became the ‘gofer’ girl, I had to pack boxes, clean up after people and all that wonderful stuff. I went home feeling rather worthless and then wanted to give up as I felt I was worth more than that!

I was slightly arrogant starting at the firm, after the success I had at the design college I had studied at, I felt I was worth more than taping up boxes! I wanted to be challenged and wanted to prove that I was capable of more than that!

One day a collegue of mine came up to me and asked if I was happy. I said “Yes” whilst shrugging my shoulder. She gave me a very unconvinced glare and asked me again! Boy do I think she regretted asking me that question. To cut a rather long and boring story short, she basically explained how we all have to start somewhere, and that we have to “want” to grow and that it all comes down to you (me).

After realising that I must get off my miserable ass and prove to them why I am an asset to this company, things weren’t going to change.

Three months in, and I am now loving being here. I have grown in this company and have gained experience which will take me places! Hopefully New York fashion week!

Sometimes we have to do things we don't like, but in the long run, we learn from it all. This has been one of the best experience's i have had and I have made really good friends and am growing.

Push through, it's worth it!

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