Friday, 6 May 2011

Radical Religion

“Religion is a reflection of the anarchic outlook of the youthful young heart”

Religion is devoted to the pursuit of individual style; lyrical quotes, musical muses. This grunge, expressive and rather out there bran is coming to South Africa. It is both male and female wear.I am obsessed with this brand. I cannot wait for it toarrive in Stuttafords in July/August this year.

Religion’s inventive design’s have made it a must have for trendy fanatics, and a celebrity following like Agyness Deyn, Katte Moss, and Kylie Minogue.   

Agyness UK flag Leggings
This brand is has a ‘no fear policy’ of experimenting with design techniques and washes giving this brand its diverse appeal; distressed garments with a rock star edge. So it is not for the faint hearted, conservative type.

This brand will be an exciting adjustment for the trends in this country.
The brand is high quality and comes with a fairly large price tag.

They have incredible mens and women's jeans. The female drop croth denims are to die for!

There Union Jack flag jeans and leggings are incredibly funky and fabulous!

They also have more chic wear for women and men. They have really great dresses for a night on the town.

"Religion is devoted to the puruit of individual style. Religion is sex apeal. Religion is Originality". Religion is going to Rock South Africa! Be sure to check it out in Stuttafords stores in July/August!


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