Thursday, 18 August 2011

Let's talk fashion...

Chipo 101       

Today at work, I couldn’t help but notice what Chipo was wearing. Love what she looks like today and couldn’t resist but take a quick snap shot of her.

Let’s talk Fashion

Describe your sense of style

“The way I dress is very spontaneous and random. It's hard to even call it a style as I just wear what I love. I wouldn't say it's very specific either as I seek out little treasures everywhere so it's very mixed. I'm a bit of a chameleon that way

What inspires your style/fashion taste? 

“I am a popular culture obsessive who likes to see everything, read everything, watch everything and go everywhere and I think my wardrobe represents that. My life is inspired by the different elements around me and it sort of adjusts to those elements. Whenever I move to a new city I pretty much develop a whole new wardrobe. In London it was very bold and crazy. In Paris it is very sombre and dark. Here it's very easy, expressive and a bit of a mish-mash because that's Joburg isn't it? Above all I just love fashion. High fashion, street fashion, non-fashion, all fashion inspires me.”

What are your favourite fashion sites? 

Where to begin....

Dazed Digital
Nylon Magazine blog

These are my daily reads. There's not enough time in the day!”

What are you wearing today?

“Sweater & necklace from my Granny's wardrobe

Scarf from my Mum's wardrobe
Jacket from Topshop

Leggings from Topshop (from Lorr's wardrobe)

Ankle boots from Woolworths

"(I'm a bit of a mag-pie, collecting stuff from people's wardrobes :-/)"

 loVE lOvE love


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