Friday, 2 September 2011

Meet the team...

So yesterday was spring day and possibly one of the funniest days I have had in a while. We had soft serve, cheesecake and ample laughter.

A dear friend of ours, Mike came to the office and brought with him, his very swanky Ipad. He took photos of the team and edited them with a tool called Comic or something.

Meet "The Boss"- Lorraine

Gets me everytime...

This is Gaby... sweet little Gaby- she is anti- smoking and look at her puffing on a cigar! Shameful

This, yes, is me. I am a gangster with a shiny GRILL! Probably my alter ego!

This is our intern Candace, rocking a wig and drinking... Eish

Meet other Candace... She is a pimp, enough said :)

Chipppppppo, she's got SWAG

And the best for last, This is GINA, and she is dead!


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