Thursday, 20 October 2011

At first glance...

What is it about being close to people that incites similar style choices? Or do you naturally gravitate towards people who are like yourself? Do you and your friends look alike?

A collegague of mine, Gaby, have been working together for nearly a year now. We work side by side and now party side by side to. Everytime we meet new clients, we get asked if we are sisters and many people all us “The Religion Twins

There are countless times at the office where we are wearing the same top or same hairstyle, or even worse, the same gorgeous wedges and exact same outfit.  

We are now the joke of the office and I have decided to start documenting these occassions…

Today we are wearing the same top, which stupidly we brought together yesterday and both rocking our white Chanel watches and pumps.

Be sure this will happen again... Until then, keep shining...


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