Friday, 13 January 2012

Hello 2012 :)

At the beginning of every year you get to hear all the resolutions and plans people make. I for one, make lists of the things I want to accomplish every year, and sometimes I cannot deny how frustrated I get when some of them are not done, and in some cases most of them are not accomplished. So, what I normally do is that I just take everything that I could not complete in the past year and make a resolution for the new one.

This year, I decided to do something different… I’m winging it!

The truth is that I know myself enough to know what’s missing and what I need to understand that I have fulfilled my goals for the year. So by winging it, I’m basically compromising myself to do what I have to do, without adding more baggage to my already incomplete resolutions list.

All of this, comes with a change of attitude of course. Giving a positive and more serene spin to everything that happens around me. As well as big changes in a personal level, social development and focusing more in the things that will allow a healthy balance between being a good person (daughter, friend, sister, girlfriend, employee, colleague..etc.), leading a healthy lifestyle, fulfilling my goals and getting rid of the extras and the baggage collected throughout the past years.

This will sound a bit gloomy, but we all start every new year with the hopes that it will be better, but the only way it will truly be better is if we stop (a little bit) believing in the cosmic meaning of the new year and start taking the necessary steps for getting things done.

In all and all… my best wishes for the new year, it’s 2012 already! I don’t see the flying cars, BOO YOU!!! Ahhh The Jetsons… :P


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