Monday, 16 January 2012

Lovely Laugh

I wish that we could live in a land where the ugly laugh could roam free…I mean, really…would it be sooo bad?

It just so happens that some of my friends and I are queens of the ugly laugh.  I mean, we are deserving of honors, medals and awards…it truly is a fantastical sight to see and hear when a group of us are in hysterics (when no one is watching).  Depending on the cause, the ugly laugh can be throaty, it can be high pitched, it can be hyena-like…and when the source is truly a surprise, it will always contain a snort or perhaps two- well certainly on my part.

 The ugly laugh is not merely ugly because of its pitch and staccato…oh no, it’s also ugly because when it’s truly allowed emerge, it will be accompanied by violent contortions…an abrupt fetal position, an unexpected head toss, a twitch or four, gasps for air…who knows…the contortions are as unpredictable as the laugh itself.  You truly appear insane. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Few bear witness to our respective ugly laughs, but, you know it when you hear it, if you do hear it, consider yourself both loved and trusted.  I cannot speak for my mates, but as for me, my ugly laugh has three varieties.  One belongs exclusively to my boyfriend.  I let her (my laugh) loose with him, but I do make her wear spanx.  Without spanx, she’s all over the place…that can be a little bit scary for the guy to see all the time.

The second and third varieties are really just ugly and ugly-light (laugh without contortion).  Ugly-light is just a holding bin for the folks that haven’t quite made it to the inner sanctum…or perhaps a very funny person that caught me off guard.

And then, there’s Uglyville…. My family and my best friends roam free in this town.  They are quite often on the receiving end of my pure, unadulterated, unfiltered, grotesque laugh. Don’t pity them… Uglyville is a magical place.  The rest of the folks in this crew are long-time trusted and loved ones. Most in this squad have also “shared their ugly” with me

What a world it would be if the ugly laugh could roam free. We could all walk around spanx free while snorting and contorting up a storm.  Hmm… that world doesn’t sound sexy at all… does it? But it sure would be funny…and yes…a little bit scary.


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