Monday, 23 April 2012

Mindless Moments

After a hiatus of a couple of weeks, I decided to come back; you have to realize that in order to write about life, you have to have one. Okay, well I have had a life, but one that has been completely and utterly consumed by work. 

For some reason, we’ve been built into giving 110% in everything we do, what we avoid by doing that is the knowledge that we are wearing out our bodies and minds. Sometimes we tire ourselves by sitting on a desk than actually doing an exercise. 

For the past few months I have been working on the South African Music Awards, which has been absolutely incredible but unbelievably demanding. I feel that I wake up every morning more tired than the night before and I have become one of those crazy people who dream about work and stay up ticking off lists with all the things that have to be completed by 9am the next morning. 

A very special someone brought me a 20-minute hourglass for Christmas. The whole idea was to take 20 minutes, everyday for myself, to just breathe and relax. I must admit, that I don’t think I have taken my 20min break in a long time. 

That’s why I have come up with just 5 simple things we should all do monthly that will help us regain all the energy that our bodies have wasted away to things such as work and stress. 

1. Sleep in: Take one Saturday and just sleep as much as your body asks you to, this way you’ll be able to rest as much as your body needs, you will notice that if you clock in more than 8 hours you are not getting enough rest/sleep. If your body clock will allow it of course. 

2. Hang out with your friends: When your friends ask you to have a glass of wine or beer on a Friday night, do it (I know, sometimes this is pure torture, only because you feel so physically exhausted and brain dead that the thought of going out is painful). I’m not saying that you should start a rampage and drink your life out, but chilling with friends is something very helpful to release stress. 

3. Don’t talk about stressful things: If work is stressful, once you are out of the office avoid any subject related to work, when you leave the office, leave all the shit that comes with it behind. 

4. Do things that help you relax: Listen to music, watch a movie, get drunk :P Those small things you tend to ignore… yeah do them! 

5. Don’t worry: Yes, I am a hypocrite; I am a massive worry Wally. There’s a funny saying “If a problem has a solution, then don’t worry, and if it doesn’t have a solution, don’t worry either for there’s nothing you can do.”…. hmmmm yeah I’m not really buying it but you can see where I am going with this!! 

We should be able to understand our bodies and minds and reflect on how much we use and abuse them. Sometimes, we just need to take a step back, and relax! 


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